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Matěj Dereck Hard*

MATĚJ DERECK HARD* *art photographer who was born in 1985 in Prague, where he lives and works *master of Arts (MgA./M.A.) from the ITF (Institute of Creative Photography) in Slezska University of Opava *in his free creation makes pictures in pop-art photography style *in commercial work focuses on street culture photography (album covers and booklets, posters, promo pictures for the artist etc.) and a portrait photograph of interesting people for lifestyle magazines *photographer of author´s rubrique LIVI´N, WORKI’N and TRAINI´N for Red Bull *publisher/chief photographer and photo editor for the visual street culture magazine Are we BASTARDS?! available free online or in printed form between 2010-2016 *the Ambassador of Canon in the Czech Republic between 2014 and 2015 *honors: Czech Press Photo 2017, Grant of Prague Czech Press Photo 2010, Cannon Junior awards in the sport category *own exhibitions: Are We BASTARDS?!, NOD / ROXY, Prague, 16.3.-31.3.2011 EVIL & GOOD, TV Tower, Prague, 8.-.31.7.2011 Tramvaj, Exhibition in tram nr. 11, Prague, 30.4.2012 STREET KIDS, Klub Blink, Prague, 7.-.15.12.2012 SHOW, Art Salon S, The Dancing House, Prague, 30.1.-28.2.2014 SHOW, Galerie Opera, Divadlo Jiřího Myrona, Ostrava, 20.3.-22.5.2014 we are FAT animals, Náplavka Rašínovo nábřeží, Prague, 14.-.28.11.2015 KILLING ME HARDLY, Caffeine, Prague, 28.12.2015-8.1.2016 Dereck Hard is... ARTELLIGENT, Gallery Portheimka D, Prague,1.4.-1.5.2016 Dereck Hard is... ARTELLIGENT, Galerie Portheimka D, Prague,1.4.-1.5.2016 Love is HARD, Vnitroblock / Pasáž Českého Designu / The Chemistry Design Store, Prague, 7.11.-30.11.2017 *collective exhibitions: Czech Press Photo 2010, Staroměstská radnice, Praha 1, 9.11-31.12.2010 Filmový festival CINEMATIK, Piešťany, Slovensko, 9.-.15.9.2011 Já, ty, my, Dům umění, Opava, 20.1.-4.3.2012 Já, ty, my, Prague Photo – DOX, Praha, 23.-29.3.2012 Interpretace aktu, Dům umění, Opava,9.11.-30.12.2012 Jeunes Photographes, a Galerie Le Lac Gelé, Nimes, Francie, 27.3.-17.4.2013 Prague Photo, Kavkův dům, Praha, 22.-.28.4.2013 OFF festival, Pisztoryho palác, Bratislava, Slovensko, 8.-.29.11.2013 OFF STATION, Moving Station, Plzeň, 17.5.-1.6.2014 Ukradené akty, Artinbox, Praha, 30.5.-20.6.2014 25 let ITF, Dům umění, Opava, 14.5.-28.6.2015 Prague Photo, Kafkův dům Praha, 19.-24.4.2016 Čtvrtstoletí ITF, Dům fotografie, Praha, 31.5.-18.9.2016 Art Prague, Kafkův dům, Praha, 28.2.-5.3.2017 *own publications: STREET KIDS, 2012 (ISBN 978-80-260-3064-5) CLASSIC STEPS, 2014 (Reebok Classic lookbook) PHOTOMAN!, 2014 (ISBN 978-80-260-7218-8) ZUličníci (ISBN 979-80-906444-0-3) *collective publications: Obraz, v kterém žijeme, 2011 (978-80-7414-422-6) Já, ty, my, 2012 (ISBN 978-80-7437-063-2) Interpretace aktu, 2012 Katalog 25 let ITF, 2015